Application Process.

Step 1 - Contact Us by email at to receive a
Puppy Application Questionaire.

Note: the application will require you to answer some personal details and supply photographs to determine
if the setting will be acceptable and considered.
We don't apologize for asking these questions. It is the only way we can pre-qualify you without visiting in person.
If this is too much to ask of you we are sorry but it is necessary to receive consideration for our pups.


Step 2 - Deposit Contract - After approval a Deposit Contract will be sent to you.
A deposit is the only way to be guaranteed a puppy placement.

Note: Evaluations on all puppies are continuous. Final evaluations are done at 8 Weeks of Age. At that time we will determine which puppies
are for placement in Show homes. Recognized Show homes  receive first consideration. We only breed for Show Quality,
Our Companions are of the same Quality.


Step 3 - Show and or Companion Contract will be sent at same time as
Deposit Contract for review and consideration and complete understanding.

Looking forward to working with you now and into the future.


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